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General support
Your donation will support a whole host of Nunnery expenditures such as site work - including landscaping, paths, walls, etc.; furnishings - including the library, classrooms, clinic and Study Centre puja hall; and the ongoing costs which are essential for the ongoing maintenance of the Nunnery.

Temple support

We are building our traditional Temple which will serve as the heart of the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery. The construction costs for a Temple include not just the outer structure, which is now complete, but especially the decoration and furnishings, statues and frescoes. Currently we have 16 master thangka painters on site completing this very beautiful work. It is considered especially auspicious to make offerings for the building of a religious edifice and we sincerely hope that you will rejoice in helping us to fulfill our aspirations.

We invite you to contribute for part of or all the cost of any of the following items for our Temple and Study Centre.


Thrones and Ritual Implements
6 Copper bhumpa (ritual vases) each US$30


Other Specific Needs
Statues for the Retreat Centre Shrine Rooms

The statues are made individually out of clay by artists from Bhutan. Once the clay has dried, the statues are painted, filled with auspicious items, and then blessed by H.E. 9th Khamtrul Rinpoche, Shedrup Nyima.


Thangkas: (Traditional Tibetan Paintings) 17 are required for the inside of the Temple in various sizes to fit the walls.
1 Tara Canvas 9' x 15'6" (approx 3m x 5m) This shows main figure of Tara and 11 smaller aspects of Tara and other deities.   US$3,200
1 VAJRADARA With Lineage lamas (size as above)   US$5,340
1 Chakra Samvara & 13 Deities (size as above)   US$3,800
1 Vajra Varahi & 15 Yogini Deities (size as above)   US$4,300
11 Smaller thankas for temple each US$2,230
4 Large Thankas for Study Centre Shrine Room each US$3,260
10 Small size thangkas* each US$500
4 Large size thangkas* each US$2,500

*These Thangkas are for the Study Centre and the two Retreat Shrine Rooms.


Musical Instruments
6 Big drums, approx. each US$300
5 Copper gyalings, (ritual trumpet), small each US$250
3 Large copper trumpets each US$690
20 Cymbals, 2 different kinds, approx. each US$180
54 Brass bells and vajras, for each nun US$1600


Furniture for the Temple and Puja Hall
43 Painted chokse (prayer tables) needed for new temple US$2150


Nunnery Study Centre
6 Lockable metal cupboards 6' each US$320
5 Wooden bookcases US$400
1 Teacher's desk and chair one set US$145
  Computer, printer, UPS for teachers' room US$2,000
  Wooden bookcases and furniture Any contribution gratefully received
  Tibetan texts
Dharma books in English or other languages are also welcome.
Any contribution gratefully received
  Computer, printer, UPS for librarian US$2,000

If you wish to donate one of the items listed above, please specify this when making payment.  For Click & Pledge payments, please enter the amount you wish to donate into the General Support category and on the following page name the item. 

Nuns' Pujas (ritual prayers)

Nuns can dedicate pujas such as their daily Tara puja (good for removing obstacles and creating auspicious conditions) and their monthly Akshobhya puja (especially useful for the sick and recently departed).  Donors should advise the name/s for whom the puja is to be dedicated and a brief reason for the request in the comment box when you make your payment.
There is no set fee but suggested donations are:
Daily Tara puja for one month:  US$60
Monthly Akshobhya puja (one time for this 3 hour puja):  US$30

At this time the DGL nuns have a full study programme so they are only able to make puja dedications as above.  They are presently unable to undertake special sponsored pujas for individual requests.

Should you wish to make a donation, please click here.