Dongyu Gatsal Ling basically has been built on donations from people all over the world, both East and West.  Without that we could not have done anything, so we are deeply grateful to really thousands of people around the world, most of whom have never been here, many of whom I have never even met.

And yet, from the depths of their goodness in their hearts they have come forward to help and support these young girls who without their help would not have the possibility to go forward in a Dharma life. So we’re very, very, very grateful. It’s amazing, actually!

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

Although most of our nuns have kind sponsors, there is still the continual need to provide food, clothing, medical aid and so on, as well as staff wages and the maintenance of our nunnery buildings.  As in any institution there are always countless expenses that have to be met and for this we keep a general fund which covers our wide-ranging expenditures.

Therefore apart from donations for specific projects, we also rely on the generosity of our friends around the world to help us to maintain the ongoing day-to-day functioning of Dongyu Gatsal Ling.

To make a donation to the Dongyu Gatsal Ling general support fund, click here.

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