In the future, we have to think – How are these nuns going to keep going? How can they continue with their studies and their practices and carry on without being dragged down into a lot of financial worries? Because, where would they get enough support?

And for this reason we felt it made sense to try to raise an endowment fund, a corpus of money which could be invested, so they will have enough money to cover food and medical expenses and maintenance for the buildings and so forth, so they can carry on. So this is our next really big project, to try to raise enough funding so that we can help to maintain the nuns into the future.

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

Since 2008, Jetsunma has been traveling the world, giving teachings and attracting supporters and donations for Dongyu Gatsal Ling (DGL) Nunnery. At the same time an Endowment fund was established to ensure that this special institution will have sustained growth and a secure future.

Today more than 100 nuns live, study, and practice at Dongyu Gatsal Ling, and their number is growing each year. The nuns’ daily expenses are funded entirely by voluntary contributions from people throughout the world who share Jetsunma’s vision for the spiritual advancement of women.

In these days when Tibetan nunneries and monasteries – especially those in exile – can no longer depend on support from local families, there is the great challenge of finding sufficient means to feed and clothe the community of monastics and sustain the institutions. Our DGL nuns are naturally concerned that in the future they themselves will not be able to raise sufficient funds for their support and to keep the Nunnery functioning, especially as they are still in the process of training.

Our supporters around the world are key to the successful future of the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery. We therefore appeal to all our friends to join us in increasing and maintaining our Endowment Funds which are properly and responsibly invested and will allow the nuns to subsist on the accruing interest. This will ensure the ongoing education and training of these Buddhist nuns for the benefit of the Dharma and society.


Ways to Participate


We have established Endowment Funds in the United States where they have a tax-free donation status and also in Australia and India.

There are many ways to participate in creating this legacy, including:

  • A One-Time Gift to the DGL Endowment Fund
  • A Multi-Year Pledge that can be honored over a period of time
  • An Honorary or Memorial Gift to celebrate someone special in your life
  • A Recurring Gift in the form of a monthly or annual donation
  • A Gift of Appreciated Assets, such as stocks, bonds and other securities

A Planned Gift is a surprisingly easy way to make a lasting gift to DGL Nunnery and extend your generosity beyond this lifetime. Planned Gifts can take many forms, including:

  • Leave a Legacy – bequests in your will
  • Gifts of interest in your retirement plan or life insurance policy
  • Gifts of real estate and art
  • Pooled Income Funds
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Lead Trust

For more information about How to Make a Donation, click here.

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo and all the nuns at DGL Nunnery are extremely grateful to you for your kindness.

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